Thesis Statement For Walk Two Moon

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Thesis Statement: In the book Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, Sal changes significantly from a lot of external forces in her life. Robin Sharma once said, “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” This quote really relates to Sal because when her mother left she was a mess and it was hard for her. Later, she moved and more things changed and things happened that she didn't expect to happen. Although, in the end she was happy in Bybanks and happy with her family and friends. In the book Walk Two Moons, by Sharon Creech, Sal changes significantly from a lot of external forces in her life. One of the biggest external forces that cause Sal to change is when she moved to Euclid, Ohio because she use to live in…show more content…
At first Sal didn’t like the idea of her mom having another child. She wondered what was wrong with just having her. Later, she starts to like the idea of having a little sibling and she’s excited. When her mom has the baby, the doctors carry the baby out of the room and Sal sees her dead baby sister. Sal wanted to hold it and she thought it might come back to life. Sal says, “At first I didn’t like the idea. What was wrong with having just me? My mother, father, and I were our own little unit,” (page 135). When Sal heard that her mother was going to have another child she didn’t like it. She wanted it to just be her mother, her father, and her. Sal thought they were perfect and that they didn’t need any more kids. Her mom and dad are really excited for the baby, but Sal didn’t want any siblings. Sal says, “As the baby grew inside her. My mother let me listen to its heartbeat and feel it kicking against her, and I started looking forward to seeing this baby. I hoped it would be a girl, and I would have a sister,” (page 135). Sal is now excited for the baby and ready to have a sibling. She wants a little sister and in the book her mom, her dad, and her got to decorate the baby’s nursery. Everyone was really excited for the baby, especially Sal. She now wanted a sibling and for the family to be bigger. Sal’s dad said, “He said to me, ‘It wasn’t…show more content…
Sal already knew her mom had died, but she didn’t want to believe it. She never let herself believe that her mom has passed away. Sal’s mom died when she was going to Lewiston, Idaho. She was in a bus, and the bus tipped over killing everyone except one person, and that person wasn't Sal’s mom. Sal loves her mom and doesn’t want to think she is dead. Sal said, “On the tombstones beneath her name and the dates of her birth and death, was an engraving of a maple tree, and it was only then, when I saw the stone and her name-Chanhassen ‘Sugar’ Pickford Hiddle—and the engraving of the tree, that I knew, by myself and for myself, that she was not coming back,” (page 253). This quote shows Sal accepting the fact that her mother is dead and that she will not back home with her. She is now letting herself believe and know that her mom is dead. All Sal did was look at her mother's grave and looking at the grave let her believe. She can now live her life knowing her mom is dead and that she doesn’t always believe that she will come back. Sal said, “He was right about one thing, though: we didn’t need to bring her body back because she is in the trees, the barn, the fields,” (page 262). Now that Sal knows her mom is dead, she realizes why her dad didn't bring her body back to Bybanks. She knows that her mom is in everything, that her mom is everywhere. That’s why her dad
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