Walker's What Now Masquerades As World History

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Walker’s statement on the bottom of page 69 and the top of 70,”what now masquerades as World History is largely fictitious.” raises a serious topic that causes extremely heated debates. Agreeing with the statement, I understand that Walker wants the truth of Africa and its people to be heard and believed. European historians seized and intentionally manipulated history in order to create the idea of them being the founding fathers of the African civilization. When Europeans first began their journeys to Africa they were completely baffled in the discovering of something they were intimidated by. Africa was not a place that was meaningless and worthless, but instead to their surprise it was a place that was rich in culture. In the Foreword on page 3, a respondent, Diane Stokes stated, “Africa…show more content…
On page 54, Walker introduces Major Dubois and his actual findings when he sailed to West Africa. In his written words, Major Dubois speaks of his first expressions of the new land he came to saying; “I am completely bewildered and thrown out of reckoning by the novelty and strangeness of the town’s interior. Surely the angel of Habakkuk has suddenly transported me a thousand leagues away from the Sudan. For it is not in the heart of a country of eternally similar huts that I should look to find a real town.” Or at the end of the quote, Dubois said, “Where did this gathering of unknown life come from?” In that quote you can see the true disgust and hatred for something that was not European. This is just one of many different captains and scholars who traveled to Africa and to their surprise, were stunned by the amazing towns, workmanship, craftsmanship, and art that African people had. This was first accounts of Africa that would eventually lead to Europeans conquering the land and claiming it as their own
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