Walking Away From Drugs Isn T Easy Analysis

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Walking Away from Drugs Isn’t Easy The author of this story came from a good family. She was well off as a child and went to a Catholic school. She had five siblings, multiple of which had become involved in delinquency in their youth. Her oldest sister was in an abusive relationship for three years. Her older brother ended up institutionalized as a juvenile and then after being released was charged with attempted murder even though he did not commit the act. Her older brother eventually turned his life around. When the author was in sixth grade, her sister introduced her to alcohol and marijuana at her boyfriend’s house. As the author grew older, they found out that her father had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. This news along with the fact that her older brother was institutionalized at the time, and that her older sister had moved…show more content…
She started to use drugs more heavily and started using meth in addition to other, much heavier, drugs. She ran away to Nevada at the age of fifteen with some friends. They were caught and she was sent to a juvenile detention center. She was doing well at the detention center and was sent to a halfway house and was later sent home. She was unable to stay clean and was caught at a drug house with needle in hand. She was sent to another treatment center. She was sober for a year, but then relapsed with her boyfriend. She then got into making meth with her boyfriend. She was never too careful on how many drugs she would take and ended up overdosing. When she woke up, she decided that she was going to change her life around. Her father ended up passing away from his cancer and this hit her hard. She wanted to better herself so she went to college, even though she had
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