Walking Dead Persuasive Speech

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People around the world go through situations in their lives that requiere them to push through and survive. When you truly want to live, you will do anything to just get one more day. People will kill a dog if it means not having to starve to death. People will kill others, walk hundreds of miles barefoot in the sun, and hide from others just to survive.
In Sudan, a country in north Africa, a civil war broke out. About 20,000 people fled from from Sudan to escape death or industion into the army. The people fleeing Sudan had to walk 1,000 miles to Ethopia. The treacherous journey exposed them to dehydration, hunger, exhaustion, and attacks from wild animals. More than half of them died, but many survived. They had to find water in an area
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Peetas parents owned a bakery so he would often frost the cakes. By having that ability, he was able to camoflauge into the mud bank by a river. Had he not had that ability, he would have been found by the other tributes and had been killed. He would have not been able to defend himself for was injured.
In an apocolyptic tv show, The Walking Dead, their campsite is invaded and destroyed. On the road exposed to zombies and hunger, and lack of water, they are physically beat. Moments later a group of wild dogs emerge from the woods and and start to bark loudly. Since the loud sounds could attract zombies to them and they could not afford to waste ammunition, they shot the dogs which provided them with food. A humane person would not shoot the dogs to eat, but they had to in order to eat allowing them to survive.
In the same tv show, they later acquire a new campsite. Everythings going just as planned just as a group of people want to take over. They fight to protect their turf which includes having to kill their foes. The group had to kill their foes for if they hadent, the safety of the people would have been jeapordized. They had to kill off the enemy in order to
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