Persuasive Essay: Why Walking Is Better Than Walking?

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Why walking is better than running? As a human you started to crawl in the beginning and then slowly you started stand and then to walk. As you grow you are committed to your work and other activities which have reduced your walking practices. Everyone usually needs some reason to walk and to do exercise. Yes, it is true that many among us walk nowadays because their doctors have advised them to do so. Do you know that, walking is the only simple exercise which can be regularly followed by everyone from the age of 6 to 60 and by all gender people? To know more about the benefit from walking and its importance just have read into this article. Walking is beneficial than running There is no doubt that the walking is the precursor to running…show more content…
Walking is the only exercise which involves the movement of all your parts. Yes, each and every part your body comes in motion at same time while walking. This is because as you walk little faster along with your hands in swinging action, it will gradually increase your heart beat rate, providing you physical fitness. As you practice walking exercise regularly, it will gradually help you to improve your postures. This is possible because your legs and lower body part are in motion when you are walking which strengthens your joint and provides more flexibility to your legs. It is been proved that walking helps to avoid the risk of heart attacks. Early morning walks in the parks or in areas where trees and shrubs are in, helps to improve your respiratory system. Few problems like hypertension and rehabilitation problems after a massive heart attack can be easily cured by following regular walking schedules. While walking the energy levels in your body are increased and is been activated for the whole day activity. You will feel that the level of energy and confidence in your body and soul have been abruptly increased after few days of regular walking

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