Walking Out Of The Airport

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Hot, sticky, and in desperate need of a shower is how I felt when walking out of the airport. We had just arrived in the sunny city of Orlando, Florida I was very eager to get to my aunt 's house to get out of my travel clothes and into something more appropriate for the weather. When we got in the car, I was elated to be visiting my aunt and to be in Florida for the very first time. Everything just looked different from the streets to the trees. I was born in Washington, DC and it 's usually very cold and crowded, but Orlando was different and something I couldn 't wait to explore. Driving through the city to my aunt 's home was very exciting I only wish I could have enjoyed it more, but jetlag was setting in quite fast. As I struggled to keep my eyes open, I did what little sightseeing my body aloud but, eventually with the long drive I ended up meeting the sleepy sheep and drifted to sleep. I remember my brother tapping my shoulder telling me we were here and to wake up. I stretched and yawned numerous times it was clear my body was not ready to rise, but beyond my bodies resistance I got out the car and walked up to the house. I was shocked when I saw her home it was much larger than I expected it to be all I could think was how happy and proud of my aunt I was. We all grabbed our bags and headed inside; I thought the outside was good-looking man was I wrong the inside was amazing I was in total shock. After gazing at my aunt 's fantastic house, I walked into the family

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