Wall-E: An Ugly Toll Of Technology

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The True Environment of Technology In todays world the environment has changed, both the physical environment where people live and the environment where people learn. Technology causes people to forget about life outside themselves and confines them to passive activities indoors. This theme comes up in the movie WALL-E when the human race is forced to space because of pollution. In Fahrenheit 451, people spend their days in “parlor rooms” with television screens on all four walls. In this new society, books have been banned and people have stopped thinking. Author, Mary Ann Sala talks about this in her article “America has become too dependent on technology” detailing how the American people can’t live without the internet. Also, Tara Parker-Pope wrote an article entitled “An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness” detailing how technology changes the brain. Today, people’s screens control their lives and they don’t even think about what is going on in the world around them. This is change the world we live in making…show more content…
A flower in real life pales in comparison to the millions of flowers that can be seen with the touch of a button. With the instant gratification of technology, it has made us forget that it took millions of years for the earth to form into what it is today. In WALL-E,the human race is forced from earth because it has become so polluted (WALL-E). In the movie, people stop caring for the earth and ignore it. If people keep clicking away on their phones they will lose sight of taking care of earth and this could become a reality for everyone. In both the movie and in Fahrenheit 451, people neglect taking care of the earth. However, Clarisse wakes Montag up to the beauty of a simple flower. She shows him that nature is more beautiful than any technology. She is walking in the grass on a rainy day when she discovers a flower, one of the last of the year. She tells him
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