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An Analysis of The Sound Track For The Movie Wall-E

This essay will give an analysis of sound design used in the movies and how it is as important as the moving pictures to the movie. When you use the processes of recording, editing and mixing of sounds you greatly enhance the quality of the movie. This essay is an overview of producing high quality sound from elements like music, the recording of common every day sounds and the use of hi-tech equipment. Whether it takes place in the production stage or the post- production stage of sound design. To help explain this analysis I am using the animated movie Wall-E made in 2008 by Ben Burtt as a case study .
Ben Burtt is known as “The Father of Modern Sound” (Ciccarellli, 2009) because of his
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Where in the opening sequence of the movie has a happy emotional then quickly changed to dark eerie sounds triggering the feeling of reality in Wall-E world and this affects the audience emotions. Later the same piece of music is used in the introduction scene to Wall-E home creating a link back to that earlier scene in the movie giving the audience the emotion connection with the story of why that piece of music played at that time . Burtt also uses a synchronous sound technique when he wants to help the audience to define realism in a scene by implementing certain sound files he has created from Foley recording develop a link between the action on the screen and the audio sound which clearly detected in the scene where Wall-E meet Eve. Furthermore this scene introduces the characters dialog some of the narration within the movie. The Character voices is artificially enhanced to give the perception of robotic and Space like world
Because Wall-E is an animation Ben Burtt had no production sound content to work with from production shoots so he had to apply a methodology that pushed Burtt to create approximately 2600 new sound files which took three years of his time for the movie which at the time was his biggest project. These sound included the ambient background, visual props sounds or Foley sounds, and musical tracks and characters voices in the
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However this quickly changes to match the ploy in the film changed to a more suspense feelings by the change in music tempo and the induction Foley created sound, this to-ing and fro-ing of mood changes is delivered throughout the movie by sounds and music chosen By Burtt. One can see that Burtt is from an era where movies from early Disney movies would have played a big part in shaping his imagination and understanding of sound effect within movies.
The whole movie is one big extravaganza of sound design techniques which is demonstrated in key moments of the ploy like the scene where Wall-E nearly walks on the small bug at the entry to Wall-E home to where Wall-E and Eve escape from the Axiom ship which lead into the quickly and seamlessly into the Wall-E and Eve dance sequence display to the mother ship end a tender moment. Furthermore many of the scenes in the movie Burtt introduces some kind of Foley sound to immerse the audience into the fantasy science-fiction world used as the backdrop for the movie. To quote Michel Chion “sound more than image has the ability to saturate & short-circuit our perception” (Price,
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