Wall Of Fame Sequence Analysis

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In the sequence, the wall of fame plays a major element of the narrative. There are two ways in which the narrative in the sequence tells the audience its importance for future references in the movie. First, compared to the rest of the film, the usual narrator, the camera, does not drip off. Second, the fact that Buggin’ Out notices only in this sequence that the wall of fame does not have black people in it makes the sequence stand out. Then, as a whole, the sequence has on its own a very basic narrative structure. Throughout the entire movie, the audience sees the camera going from one scene to another, cutting off scenes in the middle or just before they would end. However, the ‘boycott sal’s’ sequence does not have this element. The camera follows the entire scene, more…show more content…
The angle showing Sal and his son would be the same angle Buggin’ Out would see them from his seat, in a low shot angle. The same with the shot showing Mookies; it is over his shoulder, making the impression the camera was behind him, almost where Buggin’ Out is sitting but not exactly. When he noticed the wall of fame, it starts off as a POV shot of various picture to then an eye line match shot focusing in the faces of the pictures. Also, when the Mookies makes Buggin’ Out go outside, the camera follows them outside. On another point, the wall of fame makes its importance in being noticed in the sequence. At the very beginning, Sal complains to Buggin’ Out of his lack a knowledge on the price of the pizza as he comes in three times a day, and should know it by now. That information tells us Buggin’ Outcomes to the pizzeria almost daily, and as the audience could take out during the duration of the film since he was a kid. The fact itself he only notices now the wall of fame doesn 't have black people on it gives the audience a foreshadow of its important for the rest of the
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