Wall Street Money Never Sleeps Case Study

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1. Give a brief synopsis of the movie – Wall street Money Never Sleeps.
2. There are several unethical actions that occur in the movie. Discuss any two ethical dilemmas in detail.
3. What role does the Central Bank of any country play?
4. What is the Central Bank called in USA?
5. What is RSA’s Central Bank called?
6. There are four asset classes when it comes to investments. Explain briefly how the stock market works and why equities are a profitable investment choice for any portfolio.
7. In South Africa, the Johannesburg Stock exchange has a programme that encourages listed companies to be more involved in Corporate Social Responsibility. Explain why they have decided on this initiative and how it works.
8. What is Gordon Gekkos opinion on greed?
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How did RSA ensure that we didn’t suffer the same fate as the USA? What effect does the low economic growth and the drought have on RSA?

1.) Due to money laundering and insider trading Gordan Gekko was sentenced to prison for 8 years. After his sentence, has been completed Gordan has nothing but his damaged relationship with his daughter Winnie. Gordan Gekko starts to develop a good relationship with his daughter fiancé Jacob who is an investor and they decide to start an alliance. Through working with Gordan Jacob realizes that Gordan hasn’t changed much since before he went to prison and that he is a manipulator and player.

2.) One of the Main ethical dilemmas that take place in the movie is Money laundering. Money laundering is when money that was obtained illegally appears legal. Money Laundering takes place in the movie when money is laundered from Switzerland into united fusion by Gordan Gecko and Jake Moore.
Another ethical dilemma in the movie is Insider Trading. Insider training is the trading of illegal information within the business. In the movie insider trading takes place when Louis Zebler and Kellers stock gets shorted and crashes due to rumours this results in them losing everything they

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