Wallace Stegner Summary

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In Wallace Stegner’s ¨Wilderness Letter¨ the novelist is writing to the Outdoor Recreation Resources Review Commission. He is explaining how important the wilderness in which we live in and how it provides natural servicers for humans and all other species that are essential to our health, our quality of life and also survival. In his letter he also talks about how we should be preserving of our natural world because of the history and how its helped shape us as people. Wilderness is a get away from our fast moving society, and it gives us a relief just as much as it just being there is reassuring. These are the kinds of things Wallace is passionate about throughout his letter.
Nature has changed and grown with us for many generations therefore we should take care of it and make sure it never get destroyed. Wallace says,” I want to speak for wilderness idea as something that has helped form our character and that has certainly shaped our history as a people.”(2) In other words, nature has helped shaped us into who we are today and without it we would have nothing, we would be nowhere without it. To put it another way, Wallace believes that nature has grown us and helped create who we are, we should watch after our wilderness as it has shaped us and our history.
Nature is a very important part of human live therefore it should never be destroyed. Wallace writes himself,” something will have gone out of us as a people if we ever let the remaining wilderness be destroyed…” (3)
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