Wallace Stevens: Supreme Fiction

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Wallace Stevens: Supreme Fiction The aim of this paper is to explore the poetry of Wallace Stevens and explain the salient features of his poetry. Moreover, it will also describe the relationship between imagination and reality and find what supreme fiction is in the light of his famous poems and put forward what he means by the very word, supreme fiction. Stevens is a rare example of a poet who started writing in a very early age. His first volume of poetry appeared in the age of 35. He was one of the most important and enduring poets of twentieth century America. His poetry is often regarded with fine artistry, mature vision and inward thoughtfulness. His language is magical yet evokes and inspires According to Harold Bloom, ‘Wallace Stevens…show more content…
Reality is things as they are. (Letter of Wallace Stevens) ‘The Man with the Blue Guitar’, a series of thirty three short poems in couplets with four stresses to the line, is written completely without any luxuriant of Owl’s clover. And it also marks the maturity of Stevens’ skill. Stevens always practiced throughout his poetic career a theory- a theory based on imagination and reality. The poems such as “The Domination Of Black”, “The Emperor of Icecream”, “Peter Quince at the Clavier” and “Study of the Pears” discuss the mixture of reality and the imagination. For him, “Poetry is the spirit as the poem is the body” and to study and to understand the fiction world is the function of the poet. This is why his creations can be considered as the life long experience of a man who always regarded poetry a real and enduring vitality. As once he remarked, “to me, poetry is not a literary activity, it is a vital activity”. And he practiced this vital activity throughout his career in a bid to elaborate the theory of reality and imagination and their balance and interaction upon each
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