Walmart Argumentative Essay

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Most of the Western companies like Dickies, Walmart, and Disney are getting away with horrendous crimes. The American people don’t know where these products are coming from and how they’re being made. In America, consumers buy items from retailers thinking everything is fine. In the beginning of the article, the author made a scenario about a young girl named Manisha. Manisha looked to be around 16 years old. Customers line up to buy a shirt from Manisha. Until the Berlin people found out how many hours she worked and how much her employer paid her. The Berliners, who were lined up to purchase the merchandise were shocked at the display. Then at the end of the display, Manisha asked them if they would like to still purchase the shirt or donate.…show more content…
Walmart for one example is no better because they hire Asians to make clothes and toys for very little pay. Then Walmart hires other companies, called mega-suppliers to fill and put out orders. After that, these mega-suppliers hire other subcontractors to cover up their dirty little tracks. The reason these Western brands are covering up their tracks is because the inspectors wouldn’t be able to sue them. Another reason is that these companies know how badly they treat their employees. These Western brands are evil and the fact that they support, child labor is outrageous. These individuals working in the factory from day to dawn and get paid very little. The sad and understandable part is that these factory worker’s perspective is grateful for what they earned; because that’s how they can feed their children who also work in the factory with them. These Asian descendants came from poor rural areas so they accept that they can’t change the environment they’re in. If the American citizens can open their eyes and see how bad these big-name brands treat individuals who are like us. Then maybe the government and the American people can make a difference. The case is that Americans are so used to materialistic goods and being shallow. That they don’t really take into consideration of who makes the products what they go through
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