Walmart Case Analysis Essay

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Walmart Cases Analysis CASE Part3 (PLANNING) QUESTIONS 1.How does managerial planning for Project Impact take place at different levels within the organization ? By making a strategic goal, the vice chairman of Walmart whom is Castro-Wright had make the customers easy shopping within 21 minutes. Castro- Wright’s team had slashed 15 percent of store inventory , lowered shelves for an open line of vision and shuffled departments for easier to shop. For the pharmacy, they maximize the the demand for the drugs and grocery essentials are shifted to the back which allows customer to browse merchandise and apparel racks are re-positioned at the center. Walmart’s merchandising strategy such as Win-Play-Show are introduced. “Show” is by limiting the…show more content…
Sam walmart looking for someone that able to comply his “10 commandments of business” . There are commit to your goals; share your rewards; energize you colleagues; communicate all you know; value your associates; celebrate your success; listen to everyone; deliver more than you promise; work smarter than others and blaze your own path. Walmart looking for someone that very hardworking but in the other time, he or she can enjoyed after achieved the goal. However, manager might have the wrong perceptions that can lead them to hire the wrong people. Don’t judged a book by its cover. Wrong perceptions in order to hire the employees may cause the lost to the company. For example, some of the company do not want to hire a woman worker because of their perception that, a woman have their complicated emotion and not suit for the professional work. Besides, the managers usually want someone that fully experienced in that section so they do not want to take a risk hire the new generation. However, they should not take easy about that. Hiring a non-experienced workers to work at the company is something good too. This is because, they will brings us to innovation of the product. They will brings the fresh idea to the company. So, the managers must have the correct perception to lead them on choosing the
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