Walmart Case Study Summary

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Recommendations 1. Bangladesh issue It cannot be denied that Walmart is a discounted store whose motto is always selling at low, affordable prices. However raw materials and labour cost a lot and if Walmart does not adopt strategies (like it has been doing), the company will not be able to live up to its customers’ expectations. However, what Walmart can do is input some transparency in its operations by offering training and development programs to the countries that manufacture its products. Walmart can invest into better working conditions and security for the workers. This shall benefit the workers as well as the company. It would help Walmart gain back its good reputation, motivate workers and Walmart would be able to trade openly…show more content…
Unwillingness of Employees It has been noted throughout this case study that employees of Walmart are unwilling to work and often they get harassed and are left with the option of suing the company, they are unmotivated. To remedy this problem what Walmart can do is invest into training and development programs for its personnel at all levels in the company. Leaders must also be trained as to how to motivate the employees that works under them. Taking care of the company’s human capital will only result into profitability for the company while giving the employees the feeling of being accounted for. 4. Bribery scandal After the scandal, there is no going back, the reputation of the company is already tarnished and putting the blame on someone else will not help Walmart achieve anything. The least the company can do is reassess its governance strategies in terms of leadership. Walmart can also add ethical management departments within its operations and concentrate more on its…show more content…
Due to globalisation, there is an increase in competition, consumers want good price, good product but also associate themselves with socially responsible and ethical organisations. Globalisation has set a standard of business behaviour which all organisaions have to consider if not they risk ending up as Enron, WorldCom or Sunkill (Crowther and Aras, 2008). Overall, what Walmart could do is implement an ethic code which shall respond to the needs of each of its stores regardless of where they are situated. This would help employees in situations whereby making ethical choices are not readily apparent. An integral code of ethics will also reduce subjective and inconsistent management ideals. It shall also shape the responsibilities and rights of employees and help employees against preferential treatment of managers. A code of conduct will help Walmart in complying with government regulations and build good reputation and public trust. This shall enhance stakeholder’s view of the company and benefit the company, its stakeholders and the society as a

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