Walmart's Four Values Essay

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Culture is the key to success of this multinational retailer and everything that is done by the firm is based on it. It is through its strong culture that it is able to deliver quality services to its customers and create a good working environment. The culture also ensures that the company enhances its performance so as to achieve its major goal. It does that by making the lives of customers better them saving them money. High performance is the foundation of Walmart’s culture and it enables it to strive for excellence and hold high integrity in what it does. The company has four values which have four corresponding values (Walmart Inc., 2018). Both combined enable it to foster a culture of inclusion by being practiced by all the associates…show more content…
The deep believe in this values makes them vital since they are the basis for the survival of any business. Working for a firm like Walmart, which is always striving for excellence would make even working for it easier. As a worker, one is aware of the set goals of the organization and the strategies to be followed thus making work easier. The firm also encourages accountability and therefore the efforts of a person are always identified and appreciated. Appreciating the efforts of the people always motivates them to work more and the firm advance even…show more content…
As an employee, one wants to work in a place where he can corporate with others to the success of the business. Employees need a company that gives them a chance to lead in areas of their strengths and learn from others where they are weaker in order to empower each other. The value also brings about the issue of inclusivity in the work environment. That implies that a firm gives room for the workers to embrace each other despite their diversity in terms of ideas and experiences. That ensures that every person is satisfied in the work environment for he learns to appreciate others and they also value
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