Walmart Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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Abstract To succeed, companies like Wal-Mart must deal responsibly with employees, suppliers, customers, competitors, governments, and the general public. The two key concepts of this responsibility are ethics and social responsibility. If your company’s core business isn’t grounded in sound values, such as integrity, respect, trust, and fairness, you’ll be exposed to ethical decisions that could lead to fraudulent, discriminatory, even illegal activities. Ethics and social responsibility are the standards that govern action and decisions in the work environment. Therefore, ethics should not get in the way of success in sales. Wal-Mart has been a leader in implementing new and cost effective methods to manage inventory. It 's important that employees are representative of their client base so they can understand their needs and know how to serve them. It doesn’t mean that people of one gender, age group, culture, etc, only work with those respective populaces. It means that the business as a whole is better able to relate to a larger people. So it is vital companies retain the best talents at all levels. This will create a better working correlation, and help avoid misinterpretations based on cultural differences and ignorance about other groups. It saves time and money and having…show more content…
Knowing your strengths and why your faithful clienteles keep coming back to your business. Is it a specific product? If so, offering new product lines could possibly make them even happier. Is it your customer care? Give incentives to staffs that will go the extra mile for the customer. It’s necessary to make your assets the focal point. Employees are assets and are the backbone of your business that will either make you or break you and can also help you continue to grow. The key is to communicate, stay in touch. Show your appreciation by, treating them as the very important people they
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