Walmart Global Expansion Case Study

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Wal-Mart is an American multinational retail corporation operating in many regions around the world the most profitable international markets for them are Mexico, Canada and UK.
Wal-Mart believes in making themselves feel as local as possible, and believe customers around the world want the same things and emphasized on cost cuttings.
In this case study about Wal-Mart globalizing into foreign markets the strategy at first when they started seemed to be a trial and error method, if any mistakes were made they would learn from it and be vicarious after initially setting up in these countries they usually merged with a local retailer which helped them get the lay of the land as to how the shoppers behave and what influences or promotes their buying behaviour and also through studying them which helped the expatriate
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How, in your opinion, did those strategies contribute to the retail chains international success?
If you look to how Wal-Mart started its global expansion, at first in mind they took it as a trial and error method and learned about the countries they have entered and merged with local retail stores. Merging gave them inside information as to how the people in the country carry out their shopping, once merged and with goodwill, supply chain, and knowledge in place they took it forward and improved it may it be the supply system, technology, replenishments etc.
These strategies at most especially the merger to gain local knowledge and in a foreign country show themselves as locals, showing they understand the locals and serve the locals paid dividends.
Wal-Mart inability to localize operations to adapt to local culture and business methods were cited as reasons for it exist from South Korea and Germany in 2006. Is this relevant to only particular markets? What were the ways in which the company could have continued its operations? Comment with reference to the retail
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