Walmart Global Management

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Introduction Overview of Global Management The rise and growth in technology has fostered connections around the globe and continues to do so. Many businesses have take this to their advantage to expand globally. Global management brings together the knowledge of culture, social trends, business and trade to help organizations find their stance in the global business market. This in turn aiding the organizations to work effectively with other cultures. As a global manager, one needs to know the knowledge of local practices and policies that the organization requires to partner with. Knowing multiple languages is an added credential for global managers. Having worked among various cultures and countries enable them as global managers as well…show more content…
Its annual revenues is close $486 billion, selling consumer goods in almost all merchadise sectors that includes electronics, apparel, groceries, appliances, drugs, home furntiure and appliances. It is seen however more than half the revenue is made from groceries. They strictly follow and stick to their everyday low price strategy. Wal-Mart opereates in three different business segments, one is the Walmart US segment which is the largest and most valuable segment to the company bringing in about 60% of its revenues. The other two segments are Walmart International and Sam 's club which is the warehouse that charges customers an annual membership fee that lets them buy goods at heavy…show more content…
In the case of Wal-Mart international in China this is the exact thing they are tryin to implement, to improve store productivity. Also due to liberalisation globally, organization face competition, in this case the rise of Sun-Art into the market outwitting Wal-Mart that too by imitating their business model. Global managers must know that in order to improve producitiity they need to inlcude the employees. As employees are clearly the vast major push in bringing forth changes. Employee relations, perfromance management and training are areas that can be uplifted. One of the major challenges for the global manager is to bring about employee creativity and their ability to manage change. The rise and advancement of technology is another challenging area for managers. They need to be upto date and flexible in their approach. They should be aware of the suitable technology that would improvise and benefit their business. Areas the General Manager needs to develop a good understanding
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