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In order to satisfying customers better,then let them find what they want immediately and pay for it. For example, Polaris will rely on their last click result and put these results ranking mentioned ahead,according to customer’s high frequency word search,which will help customers easy to find the result. One more characteristic in Polaris is closely linked to social network,and concentrate on social networking information. Like : if a product has an advertisement on Facebook and gets a lot of like for customers. Polaris will follow up those messages and put it in front of the ranking of similar products. The same is true of Twitter,Youtube,and others social networks. I choose iPad randomly and here comes lots of information about each types…show more content…
If Walmart can present exert advantage of the supply chain, then market benefits will be enormous. The biggest advantage of Walmart in the E-market is using global sourcing ability and fine system of supply chain management. Especially in china, existing huge manufacturing base and suppliers. A strong advantage of supply chain management and global purchasing bargaining power can makes Walmart have enough competitiveness on product categories and price. And that is what our current Electronic commerce general need to be improved. So that,there is no deny that Walmart caused a big shock to other companies and gets huge benefits from this…show more content…
At the same time, a global information system (Retail Link) and efficient logistics system to support operations. Especially in China, Walmart will lead in advanced retail technology and innovation concept for local place. Both help to improve local retail management level and service quality ,and promote the common prosperity of the local economy. Doug McMillon said,low price and save time are extremely well handled by electronic commerce,so that Walmart will concentrate and develop the electric business in the future. In order to introduce online store, Walmart will try to hold ‘online shopping+offline receiving’ mode. In the aspect of logistics, Walmart try to cooperate with Uber and other companies. Since now, they delivery products from Walmart to member’s home in America. There is no denying that Walmart get a huge success from the E-Market,and own a large number of

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