Walmart Mission Statement Analysis

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Introduction Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (Walmart) is the largest retailer with more than 2.2 million employees worldwide. the company was founded by Sam Walmart in Arkansas in 1962. Being at the top position in the retail industry, Walmart’s annual revenues have exceeded $485 billion in the fiscal year ending in 2015. This success is based on the effective application of strategies aligned with the company’s vision and mission. Walmart’s cost-leadership generic strategy, based on Five Forces Porter’s model, and intensive growth strategies through market penetration and development are both based on and aligned with the firm’s vision and mission statement. Walmart’s mission and vision are used as basis for these strategic choices. Walmart’s Mission…show more content…
Walmart’s long and medium term strategic decisions are also a direct expression of its mission. The company’s mission statement is “Saving people money so they can live better.” This statement is synonymous to the farm’s slogan, “Save money. Live better.” The company has since been following and has succeeded in fulfilling the’ money saving’ component of the mission statement by offering the Consumers the products at low selling prices. Walmart, however, needs to do more to improve on the aspects of wages for its employees to be able to live better. The firm’s continued large-scale sales of cheap and sometimes hazardous imported goods are also drawing avoidable wrath from the…show more content…
Walmart have been able to take care of interests of customers through its cost leadership generic strategy offering products at the lowest possible prices. Employee: Third Priority. Employees play an important role in Walmart’s managerial decision-making. Employee’s interests in terms of job security and higher wages have been partially addressed by the company. It provides a considerable degree of job security while it has to do something to improve their wages. Supplier: Last in priority. Suppliers are at the bottom of Walmart’s priority ladder. Being the biggest retailer in the world, Walmart uses the business leverage to influence suppliers. Walmart asks suppliers to offer their products at very low prices and most suppliers comply. Otherwise, Walmart would not sell their products. Knowledge-based Capital The premise that price drives sales volume has been core to the Walmart’s productivity loop. As it repeats and whips, the inputs grow in multiples and in exponential terms than mere addition. As lower costs leads to lower prices which eventually results in higher volume of sales. Higher the sales the more you gain the wedge to lower prices. The more the cycle is repeated more the competitive advantage one gains and at a faster pace. This is how Walmart shaped up its growth

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