Walmart Observation

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On 04-20-2017 I responded to the wooded area West of Walmart. I was called to the scene by the Port Richey Code Enforcement officers. I was advised that defendant and her boyfriend, identified as, Thomas Blow, were trespassing on private property. I recognized both the defendant and Blow from their D.A.V.I.D. photos and previous encounters. The defendant also identified herself as, Stephanie Trost. I then provided dispatch with the defendant and Blows names. Dispatch conducted a wants and warrants check on the defendant with positive results. Dispatch advised me that the defendant had a warrant out of Pasco, County FL for retail theft. The defendant was then detained and placed inside of my patrol vehicle awaiting confirmation of the warrant.…show more content…
The defendant again advised me that she wanted to "come clean" because she knew she was caught. The defendant agreed to sign a statement of Miranda rights and a waiver of her rights. I then showed the defendant several still photos of her at McDonald 's, and Walmart. The defendant vied the photos and stated "yep that is me." The defendant is observed in Walmart at the self-checkout using the victim 's credit cards. The defendant stated " I stole the guy 's phone case at McDonald 's when his back was turned." The defendant further advised " the case had a the cell phone and the two credit cards in it. The defendant stated that she was "high" and I wanted to buy stuff to trade for drugs to get high. ' The defendant completed a voluntary statement form in which she admits to the theft of the cell phone, and the fraudulent use of the credit cards. The defendant advised me that the merchandise purchase with the victim 's credit card were "long gone," and that somebody that she knew stole the cell phone from her. However, the defendant would not provide a name of the subject who stole the phone. The defendant was additionally charged with grand theft for the
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