Value Chain Analysis Of Walmart

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Walmart, a discount-retailing company operates supercenters, hypermarkets, retail stores, department stores and warehouses. It has under its banner 11,700 stores in 27 countries and e-commerce websites in 11 countries. It’s the world’s largest company by revenue and has perpetually outperformed companies in terms of profitability and growth.
Taking into consideration the growth of e-commerce retailing, retailers have agreed on the account the fact that the future of retailing is through integrated online and offline channels. The trade off in consumer preferences is driving an increasing amount of retailers to follow an Omni-channel strategy. Hence, traditional brick and mortar retailers like Walmart are venturing into the realm of online commerce
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It now offers around 50 million products on its virtual shelves as compared to around 8 million products in 2016. Walmart has used its wide fleet of resources to extend its free curbside pickup service to grocery orders placed online. Walmart offers its pick up service in 400 stores in 60 countries in a major move to counter Amazon’s expansion of its food delivery service. The company did away with its free 30-day trial of its $49 two-day “Shipping Pass” membership programme competing directly with Amazon Prime. Instead, Walmart started offering free shipping on orders over $35 across 2 million items on its web page. Walmart hit a milestone when it launched its mobile app ‘Walmart Pay’ leading to checkout hassle alleviation and encouraging buyers to make a transition towards online purchases. Wal-Mart has spent billions in raising employee perks so that they are motivated to help buyers access its mobile application and assist in inventory management as Walmart is using its in-store inventories to reach out to e-commerce orders. Also, since retail has become more complex, Walmart is keeping its employees satisfied so that they are efficient in packing and shipping products to an assigned courier company for delivery to customers. ("Here's How Walmart Is Reigniting Its E-Commerce Growth",

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