Walmart Organizational Culture

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5.0 Organisation Culture of Wal-Mart that lead to success
Wal-mart, is known to be a successful organization which has its beliefs and persistence in doing business of its own way. The founder of Wal-mart, Sam Walton, has a vision for Wal-mart, which is to sell their product as cheap as possible but at the same time, some profits must be earn. To Sam Walton, one needs to be simple and easy to make things possible. Just like what he had done to work with all his supplier and associates to make the organization grow.

Wal-mart’s competitors once doubted the thought of Sam Walton’s idea that a successful business could be built around offering lower prices and great service would never work. Unexpectedly, the company 's success has exceeded even
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It is believed that Wal-mart respect the idea of makes their customer shopping decision based on price comparison, experience and accessibility. What they could improvise is to come out with more plans with supplier to lower the products price so as to compete with their competitors. If Wal-mart is able to earn the profits by selling lowering their prices, so do their competitors. (Gallagher, S., 2008)That’s is why all along, Wal-mart always focus on this factors to attract more customers and also to prevent from losing their loyal customers. Due to the world is changing every minute in our life, there are many things that Wal-mart need to take note of. To solve this ongoing worry, Wal-mart have decided to come out with new ideas to surprise their customer.

Secondly, it will be the accessibility factor that McMillion had noticed. Nowadays, it is all about the convenience to get things that one wants. Customer may purchase things online instead of walking to the store. The reason in it might be to inconvenient, or customer is too lazy to go out. This is one of the hardest factors that Wal-mart needs to take into consideration. They have enough associates, stores and also expertise in the company but it is believed that locations do matters as convenience
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Because of that, a 5 month long strike had happened. And also, another factors which slows Wal-mart down is the company’s growing legal and labour compliance issue. Wal-mart has been facing many law suit and majority are from it’s employees. With these ongoing issues, Wal-mart should have done their parts to solve internally and should try to think of alternative solution to solve internal issue and also external issue like entering new market. It is believed that these issues will affect the decision of their sales as customers might think that badly about Wal-mart. And also, it might affect people’s view of Wal-mart, which might affect in business

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