Walmart Organizational Structure

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Walmart and Amazon are the two leading supply chains in the world, which provide and serve retail goods to consumers worldwide. In the last ten years, these two firms have grown tremendously in terms of higher revenues, massive profits, the increase of equity, and expand to other regions as well. For many years, Walmart has enjoyed its dominance in the retail industry without a serious competition in the retail sector by setting up many retail stores in different regions with the most affordable prices for products. With approximate 4000 stores in the U.S., Walmart has posted enormous sales and profits for over four decades until the emergence of Amazon, which has reduced the business dominance of Walmart significantly. The business concept…show more content…
As a result, Walmart has been succeeded in the retail sector to earn the substantial profits, and continuing expand to other regions by building several retail stores in strategic locations. Additionally, Walmart has influenced its IT to the organizational operation by using bar code scanner to its check-out lines, and helping consumers to select the lowest price for their budgets. In contrast, the organizational structure of Amazon manages directly in the domestic and global operation. By executing its tasks directly, the company can manage how leaderships guide and influence their business operations effectively. To ensure its business operate correctly and efficiently, Amazon has applied the latest technological applications to its firm, including one-click shopping, free shipping for shopping over $30 dollars, and the offer of Amazon Prime. These business philosophy and IT improvements enable Amazon to achieve its financial objectives and continue to expand its e-commerce dominance in the business
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