Walmart Revenue Model Analysis

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e) Revenue model used by the website
The type of revenue model chosen by Walmart e-commerce website is depending on the type of products and services provided by the company. However, revenue model will reflect on how the company generates their revenue or income. Walmart e-commerce website is using sales e-commerce revenue model to generate its incomes and profits. Besides generating the income, sales e-commerce revenue model is obviously use by customer’s goods, retail, and wholesale business. Besides the customer’s goods, retail and wholesale business usage, Walmart e-commerce website is having retail and wholesale business through online. On the other hand, Walmart e-commerce website’s retailer sales have many departments for the product
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According to this slogan, it means that they have the feature to provide selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly service, and low prices. Besides the meaning of the slogan, they also have another goal to bring customer the best shopping experience on the Internet. The most customers for Walmart e-commerce website are those having low income and sensitive to the higher cost and price, as online purchases via Walmart e-commerce website can save more time, more convenience, and also having special off or discount offer from…show more content…
Besides that, customer also can purchase in Walmart e-commerce website by using lesser time. For an example, customer can have any purchase during their short break while working.

The price of the products that selling in the Walmart e-commerce website is cheaper compared to other market, because they are having a mission and vision of saving people money so they can live better lives. For instance, most of their customer’s salary is under the average salary of the country. Although the price of the products in Walmart e-commerce website is cheaper but they still provided discount off for customers to purchase online for cheaper price.

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