Walmart Space Matrix Analysis

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The result of the Space Matrix shows that the company is positioned to be in an aggressive stage. Walmart is making an aggressive approach on their external threats of making changes to their stores appearance and cleanliness and also improving their fresh produce and organic products in the grocery department. Moreover, the company is using their internal opportunities of having a wide range of products and cost advantage over their competitors to strengthen their consumers in the e-commerce segment. Additionally, Walmart should minimize and control their suppliers to continue to be aggressive and competitive over having every day low prices. Walmart’s competitors will be pressured in competing with Walmart’s new initiatives in the e-commerce…show more content…
Walmart’s main target segment in competing with cost is with Amazon. Online sales are booming, and Walmart plans to increase their e-commerce initiatives. Walmart plans to turn the majority of their shoppers into online shoppers by offering unique features that are not available for Amazon shoppers. Walmart would first need to improve their website to make the website easier to shop and user-friendly. The most useful feature that Walmart can offer their customers is the capability of offering in-store returns and pickups. The online shopping feature will allow for customers to receive free shipping for those customers who choose to pick up their orders in-store. Amazon has yearly prime membership that allows for customers to have free two-day shipping. However, Amazon’s membership costs customers $99 a year. For Walmart’s in-store pick-ups are free, and the customers also have the ability to return their products to any Walmart stores if unsatisfied. If Amazon customers need to return, any items bought online they often have to pay for shipping returns. Walmart’s large customer base and competitive pricing is the reason that Walmart is the third largest online retailer. The new push for online sales will aid Walmart to compete with Amazon and other top online…show more content…
Walmart is a global leader in being the most diversified company. Aside, from the wide, diverse general products that Walmart sells at their Super Centers, Walmart also focuses on groceries with their Neighborhood Walmart stores and focuses on wholesales with their Sam’s Club stores. Additionally, many locations of Walmart and Sam’s Club offers tire and lube, gasoline, optical service, groceries, and pharmacy services. The many offers and services that Walmart provides for their customers are the reason that Walmart remains on the Fortune 500 lists for many years. Walmart is planning on diversifying their company with their initiatives on e-commerce and their Savings Catchers app. Moreover, Walmart can enhance their diversification brand by offering installation services for their furniture, entertainment systems, and radio installations for automobiles. Having a diverse company that is a one-stop shop for customers makes it very convenient for

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