Walmart Swot Analysis Essay

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Walrmart and its website have a notrious history when it comes to halloween costumes that invoke a certain degree of controversy such as the "Israeli soldie" and a "Naught Leopard" costume for children. Needless to say, everytime a an issue arrses surroduning quesstionable costumes that are on their shelves, it brings fort a certain degree of embarressment. As a result of this, Walmart has offically established a "swat team" who will work dillgently to ensure that the compnay can avoaid future embaressment from releasing a potentiall offensivee costume. As it stands, the swat team is priamrily consisted of a dozen employees whose sole repsonitly is to preven the retail from being embarresed as a result of an offending costume. The team essntially…show more content…
A prime exmaple of what the team does would be their actions surrouning Confederate flag merchandise. A gunman killed nine people in a black church which was located in CHarleston,SC. WHen the gunman was arrested and investigated they found out that he displayed several instances ofthe confederate flag, which is veiw by many as being a sign of racism. As a result of this, the swat team started pulling Confederate flag related merchandise. WHile many experts proclaimed that this move was unneasry, n the age of social media, retailers need to ensure that they come acroos as beng politically and socially correct as well, due to the factthat people see a company's oroduct as an exmaple of its core beleifs. For example, some retailers who continues to sell COnfederate flag merhcnadise after the Church shootng occured, were deemed as being racist by popular influencer across social
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