Walmart Target Market Analysis

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Market segmentation, target marketing and positioning of Walmart:
Walmart segmentation, targeting and positioning is the essential attention of Walmart strategic marketing. Segmentation discusses to distributing inhabitants into groups according to positive individualities, where targeting is related with selecting exact groups recognized as an outcome of segmentation to sell products. Positioning discusses to the collection of the marketing mix the best suitable for the target customer segment.
Walmart practices simple-segment type of positioning and consequently, Walmart marketing management demands to single customer segment who place superior value on the price feature of products compared to other characteristics.
The following table illustrates
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Target has consummate a lower middle consumer age than its opponents at an age of 41. 80 percent of Target customers are female, of whom 43 percent have children still living at home. Target likes to view its retail place as a discount department store, instead of mainly a discount store. This could be due to the company’s wish to go beyond and beyond the basic customer needs of a discount store. They are trying to identify themselves as a store giving name brands at low price by cutting costs, then dropping prices on lower quality items similar to Wal-Mart. The visual perception of a Target store is very important to the company. Target Corporation takes great efforts in the exhibition and appearance of the store and goods. Using extensive passageways and drop ceilings, the store represents more of a department store feel. By using this strategy, Target is reasonably represented as classier than its opponents by many of its consumers. This strategy is also exposed in the way Target Corporation presents…show more content…
Whether it is the dog with the bull’s eye over the eye or just the bull’s eye in advertisements, promotions, or the store logo, the company is well known for the symbol. Target also has a web site online that enables the consumer to browse, review and buy online. Other than presentation products, it also agrees the customer to see where their money is being donated to by the company. Also Target has a Visa credit card service that allows for the customers to be able to buy products and receive a promotion of 10% discount just by using the card, through the store and online with certain
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