Walmart Vs Dollar General Essay

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What makes discount stores so unique and popular? They are unique and popular because everybody needs something from these stores. Since there is an influx of different discount stores, a shopper can buy the products that are on the cheaper side that they need at any local store. Although each city and town are different usually the two major discount stores are Walmart and Dollar General. The amount of employees that work at Walmart and Dollar General has a great difference. Dollar General usually has two to three employees working at once. On the other hand, Walmart has at least fifty or more employees working a specific shift. The reason why each store has a major difference in employees is because of the store size. Walmart is at least…show more content…
An example is Reese 's Peanut Butter Cups. Both discount stores also have many of the same health and beauty products, yet Walmart may carry more of a variety. Walmart and Dollar General sell food items that can be found in the cold section and non-perishable items. The prices for these items vary and both stores carry their own brand label for all items. Typically most items can be found in both stores unless the item is extremely specialized. Walmart sells lawn and garden items, tires, food, clothing, craft items and general merchandise and Dollar General sells everything except the tires in a smaller selection. The reason for the smaller selection in Dollar General is directly related to the store size. Dollar General and Walmart are two well-known discount stores in most every community. The number of employees differs in each discount store, yet both still provide a great convenience. The duties and responsibilities are spread out among the Walmart employees and at Dollar General the employees multitask. Each store sells basically the same products in different quantities to choose from. The service these discount stores provide is outstanding because the community can shop at any location without breaking their
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