Walmart War Theory

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The Sun Zi Art of War theory, the person who gains victories by adapting to the changing conditions and situations of the enemy can be considered a legend in warfare. This statement had pointed out that there is no fixed rules because of the high terrain who restrict its use to the enemy base to determine its win war policy. In the war, the war situation is changing, according to both our own and that of the enemy in the war movement of change in the specific circumstances make battle plan, so no fixed method, like water has no fixed form, can change the enemy and win basis, and will be called the deploy troops with great skill of the army. Therefore, contradiction of the different stages of the development of things have different characteristics…show more content…
Wal-Mart provides general merchandise: family apparel, health & beauty aids, household needs, electronics, toys, fabrics, crafts, lawn & garden, jewelry and shoes. Also, the company runs a pharmacy department, Tire & Lube Express, and Photo processing center as well. These may help in obtaining the attraction in the district despite having the strong competition from Kmart, Targets. With the slow down economy, more middle class families and expanded its overhead, people will want to buy the merchandise at low prices and to locate stores in small towns. Besides that, Wal-Mart has involves selling high quality and brand name products at the lowest price. In order to keep low prices, the company reduces costs by the use of advanced electronic technology and warehousing. It also negotiates deals for merchandise directly from manufacturers, eliminating the middleman and intended to implement deep discounting which was designed to provide 40- 60 % discounted prices for customers. Wal-Mart exerts a great deal of effort in making sure they are innovative and meeting customer demands by offering products at everyday low…show more content…
Samsung Company is a conglomerate, a manufacturer, and the world’s largest chip-maker. It makes much more cost advantage components, its go into smartphones in term of it to produce and when. Besides that, it is Apple’s biggest parts supplier and its fiercest competitor in the smartphone maker. Although Apple declared war over intellectual property and won, Samsung won’t likely cut its supplier partnership with rival. However, Apple’s company also is the most powerful and drive loyalty through its unique ecosystem and proprietary operating software among customers. Recently, Samsung started running ads mocking Apple’s users. They takes fight to Apple with mobile wallet strategy because of the Samsung has been threatened. Following this situation, it’s time that Samsung starts focusing of its effort on mobile payment (Samsung Pay). Apple Pay might be making billions of dollars, but that doesn’t mean Samsung can follow suit. Samsung should embrace that and realize that it doesn’t need to be Apple to be successful. Therefore, the Samsung Pay has an extra technological weapon by using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), which as mimics the magnetic strip on traditional payment cards its more effective and contains your payment information for a short period of

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