Walt Chamberlain's Life And Accomplishments

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Wilt Chamberlain was an all-star basketball player who was born in the year of 1936. He was a resident of Philadelphia born into a family with nine children. Wilt Chamberlain started his basketball career at Shoemaker Junior High school. He also played at his local playground against older players who gave him tips about the game of basketball. In Chamberlain’s high school career, he scored more than 2,200 points over three seasons. He was 6’11 during his high school life. As Chamberlain played for the Overbrook Panthers, he averaged 31 points per game during the 1953 high school season. Chamberlain was impressing a lot of people around the nation as he played with such confidence. In Chamberlain’s second high school season, he continued his miraculous scoring, and in one of his games, he scored 71 points against Roxborough. Chamberlain would work really hard throughout his high school career including in the summer. The Boston Celtics coach caught up with Chamberlain while he was practicing, and had him go one on one with the NCAA champion from Kansas, B.H. Born. Chamberlain faced off against him and beat him in a score of 25-10. He had both coaches in awe as they couldn’t believe a high school student beat a NBA prospect and NCAA champion in a one on one match. Born was so upset at this loss that he didn’t even enter the NBA, and left to go be a tractor engineer.…show more content…
According to the Biography Reference Center, Wilt Chamberlain “Even at that early age, he attracted considerable attention when he played basketball in junior high school. At Philadelphia 's Overbrook High School, Wilt averaged 36.3 points per game over a three-year period” (Wilt Chamberlain). Chamberlain had to decide which college he wanted to attend, he wanted to stay away from the big cities and attend somewhere in the Mid-west. After taking some time to decide, he chose to go to the University of

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