Walt Disney And The American Dream In Disney

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1 Introduction “If you can dream it you can do it.“ was the motto of Walt Disney’s life. He dreamed of entertaining millions of people, making them laugh and enjoying his movies – and he did it. Most everyone knows Disney movies and most everyone has fun watching and undergoing the movie’s story. Yet, it’s more seldom that the audience truly thinks about the origin and the idea behind the movie. Though, if one actually gets engaged in it, it is striking how many parallels can be found to the presumably most popular American concept of all time – the American Dream. This scientific essay focusses on the transfer of aspects and core ideas included in the American Dream onto Disney films and the theme park Disneyland. The aim is to work out particular elements that Disney assimilated and presented to its audience through the entertainment industry and analyze, whether they succeed in conveying the concept of the American Dream. Apparently, only a few particular, diverse movies and the first of Disney’s many amusement parks are interpreted in this work to compile a general relation between the American Dream and the company’s work. This relation seems to be fairly momentous due to the vast impact of the entertainment industry on the modern society, so that elements in Disney products can influence the mentality of the Americans and people all over the world. The major material of this scientific essay was found through wide research via the internet and snowball sampling and

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