Walt Disney Animation Case Study

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Walt Disney Animation

Walt Disney, a household name for kids and adults alike, the power house of kid’s animation!
This was up till its last drawn animation of THE LION KING in 1994, were other animators like Pixar and dream works came up with the more modern computerised 3D films, such as Toy Story 1995, Ants 1998 and Shrek 2001. All of which had box office success and all were computer generated.
All while Disney was producing hand drawn animation, Hercules 1997, Brother Bear 2003, Fantasia 2000, none of which made it to the Top of the charts, they were falling behind and losing money to such an extent, they were rumours of them closing down the animation section. Which currently house 850 staff.

Andrew Millstein, the president of Disney Animation Studios, joined the company in 1997 and was a production executive in the modern pictures group. In 2001, Millstein was named the senior Vice President and general manager of production for the Disney Animation.
In 2006 Disney had acquired Pixar and started making hit animation films again, namely Tangled 2010, Wreck-it Ralph 2012 and the popular Frozen 2013. Disney Animation had found its talent again. With the giant players in any industry, Pixar was a threat to Disney but an opportunity was seen to acquire the competition and learn from their success and work together instead of against one another. This is however a strategy that not all companies can adopt but it was one key point in the turnaround for Disney and it

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