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Walter Elias Disney, or Walt Disney as many people are more familiar with, was born on December 5th, 1901. He was a great cartoonist who created many lovable characters such as Mickey Mouse and Cinderella. He made many contributions and become a inspiration to the world of animations as well as the real world. Disney was the founder of the world renowned animation company, Disney Incorporated. He was the father of “The Happiest Place on Earth” or, Disneyland. Walt Disney was a captain of industry because he helped revolutionized animation, he aided the U.S. government, and he boosted the U.S economy. Disney was a captain of industry because he helped revolutionize animation. In today’s world, full-length movie is nothing but the ordinary.…show more content…
Arguments that are contrary to this view must be recognized and analyzed. Those arguments include the way Disney treated his worker poorly (Source C). This may be true, however, he was able to earn respect by many for his work and attitude towards his work. Also, despite being in the midst of the Great Depression, he was able to boost the economy with his award winning film Snow White. The film was able to produce an astonishing $1.499 million (Source A). After Snow White, Disney continued to produce series of full-length animation films, live action films, and short films totaling up to more than 100. These films earned Disney unimaginable success that lead to the opening of Disneyland, Disney’s $17 million dollar theme park (Source A). The park received tremendous success, earning more than 10 times its investment cost. Disney was not able to be there for the revealing of Walt Disney World which opened in 1971. These parks along with the company itself gave employment to more than 800 people. Thus, no matter how it has been looked at, Disney had brought and continues to bring tremendous growth to the U.S. economy. This alone could deem Disney as a captain of

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