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The Walt Disney company is one of the most well known company in the world. “The Walt Disney Company originated with its animated characters and expanded into other adjacent businesses with the goal of bringing happiness to families via several different, but related revenues” (Carillo, Carlos et. al). The vast majority of society has had some exposure to Disney, whether movie films, parks, television shows or toys. This makes Walt Disney one of the most profitable businesses in the world. According to a chart in Business Insider article, “Here’s Where Disney Really Makes Money” by Mike Nudelman, it shows that the total 2014 revenue for Disney was $48,813,000,000. 43% of the revenue is from media networks, 31% from parks and resorts, 14% from…show more content…
The logo needs to be intended for children which requires an extra degree of care and attention. In the article “Serious Play: Marketing & Branding for Companies That Sell to Kids”, The Logo Company wrote: “You might be selling a product that’s intended for children, but very few children have the money or the agency to buy such products themselves”. This means that the logo has to appeal to both children and parents, since the parents are the ones paying for the product. The logo must convince the parent that the product is something they want to get for their children. Kid’s companies’ logos tend to be circles or triangles. “Circles indicate warmth, inclusion and safety, while triangles symbolize growth and creativity”. This shows that by using an appropriate balance of colors, fonts, images and shapes, creates a logo that attracts kids and parents alike. Another way to acquire children and parents attention is through video marketing. Today, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, and the average person watches videos online every day. “The total number of people who use YouTube - 1,300,000,000. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day” (Donchev). A video that shows kids using the products is a way to demonstrate the benefits of the product. There are other ways for marketing and branding, such as social media and emailing. Disney…show more content…
A 2015 study found that boys are more likely to play with toys that develop spatial intelligence - K’nex, puzzles, lego bricks - than girls are (Jirout). This means that boys appear to play differently. A 2012 study by Susan Levine, a professor of education and psychology at the University of Chicago, shows that boys tend to play with more complex puzzles, and get more spatially related encouragement from their parents (Daly). These distinctions may form later in life. Jirout also said: “Spatial skills are a piece of the explanation for the underrepresentation of women in science and tech”. Activities like play are a key to developing spatial skills and intelligence, such as navigation, understanding or fixing equipment, and estimating distance and measurement. Spatial skills are important for math and science. Being comfortable with these certain types of toys may shape children’s confidence in specific

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