Walt Disney Case Study

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The Rise and Fall of Walt Disney Company

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Multinational corporations is an organization that doing business activities and operating in two or more countries. In the next explanation, multinational corporations will be called as MNCs. In this paper, I am trying to catch up one of Multinational Corporations, which is Walt Disney Corporations, as the 11th-largest American corporations and largest media company in terms of market capitalization. Hereby, I will analyze the rise and fall of Walt Disney by seeing the data what actually the company has done. What factors motivated the company to rise and how they survive in the competition of international business community and I am trying to find out how the company overcoming the obstacles to prevent its failure.
Walt Disney is an American diversified corporations established on October 16, 2013 by Walt Disney. The company promotes international family entertainment and media enterprise. The home country of Walt Disney is in Burbank, California. Walt Disney nowadays turns out as a powerful major since this company also attract consumer of the level of media
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