Walt Disney Character Analysis

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Since younger age, we are introduced to the very first kind of entertainment called ‘cartoon’. It is presented both as comic books and television shows. As a child, people tend to prefer an animated cartoon or animation. Animation cartoon in various types is widespread and famous all around the world as it does not only entertain people, but many of cartoons and animation cartoons give readers and audiences good moral for the living. It can be said that this kind of entertainment is a good source of communication because it is mostly reflected from real situation of people. The audience can relate to the films and consider about specific contents that are being presented.

When people talk about an animated company, Walt Disney Company will
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In Walt Disney, the role of female protagonists have gradually developed from weakness, innocence and dependence to be courage, bravery, and intelligence as time passes by. For example, Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora stories which are released on 19th century play their roles as pitiful women who are badly treated by villains. The only thing they could do is waiting for a miracle of true love from a charming prince to get them out of the trouble. Furthermore, they all immediately have love at first sight with a charming prince without any hesitation. However, a character of Disney female protagonists from the 20th century to the 21st century are changed dramatically according to the movement for women’s rights, equality, and democracy. The female character of Disney stories in these eras manifest more braveness, leadership, and independence which represents the concept of feminism. For example, Belle from Beauty and the Beast changes the Beast into a charming prince by a miracle of her true love. Mulan disguises herself as a man to go to war instead of her elderly father and proves herself that she is as brave as a man. Pocahontas protects her tribe from invaders along with protecting her beloved who is stigmatized as one of the invaders by using the compromising tactic. Queen Elza governs her kingdom impartially.…show more content…
The first female character is Cinderella from France. Cinderella is a stubborn and independent woman. She is also shown to be patient and calm by never let her anger and sorrow interfere her mind. Moreover, when she is mock by her stepfamily, she is unafraid to stand up. This can also proves her braveness. The second female character is Pocahontas. She is the first Native-American protagonist in Disney animation movies. Pocahontas is displayed as a self-assured and independent woman. Moreover, she also loves adventure which is clearly different from any other women in her tribe. The last Disney female character focused on in this study is Mulan. She is the first Asian protagonist from China in Disney animation movies. Her story happens in the year 206 B.C. in Han dynasty. In the very beginning of the film, she might be seen as a girl with socially-awkward attitude. However, after she makes a decision to go off to fight in the war instead of her elderly father, she shows her courage, her self-confidence as well as her self-reliance. From these three main female characters, it can be seen that their characters are incredibly different compared to other animation movies which have women play in roles. For this research, we will focus on these three characters about the concept of feminism according to
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