Walt Disney Company Case Study

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When starting every business, the developer of the idea thinks about how to become one of the international brands. An international brand is a distinguished offer of the company in the global market, which differentiates it from other competitors. It is known more than in one country and can be easily recognized elsewhere. The Walt Disney Company is one of the best-known brands in the world. Starting as a small enterprise, now the company is the owner of the large portfolio of brands that relate to the entertainment industry.
The Walt Disney Company is an American mass media corporation with strong diversification. The headquarters are situated in the Burbank, California. The company is the largest media conglomerate in the world. When talking about the type of branding, followed by Disney, it is a good mix of two major branding types – product branding and corporate branding. Product branding can be named as a preferred direction used by the company management. With the help of the products and heroes, developed by the Walt Disney Company it is now known all over the globe. Children and adults in every country recognizes major heroes of the movies, travel to the Disneyland with pleasure and buy goods produced by Disney. However, corporate values of the Walt Disney Company are well known, which means that the corporate branding is another tool used by it. According to the Inrerbrand ranking, in 2013 the Walt Disney Company was 14th on the list of the best brands in the

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