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The Walt Disney Company is the largest company in the media and entertainment world. Founded on 1923 by Walt and Roy Disney, in the course of time it would become one of the most lucrative of all Hollywood studios.
Disney Brothers Studio 's Cartoons is an animation studio founded in 1923 by the brothers Walt and Roy Disney. In 1928 Walt Disney Studios created the first short film with the character of Mickey Mouse, the first great success of the company. Later, in the 30s they created other iconic characters: Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck.
In 1937 the studio created Snow White (the first animated film) and in 1950 there were two important achievements: The Treasure Island (the first film with real images) and its first television
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His brother Roy Disney had the power over the company and created Disneyworld. When Roy Disney died, the responsible people of the company made an important change on the television market with Disney Channel.
Beauty and the Best (1991) was the first animation film to be nominated for an Oscar as the Best Film. Finally, in 1995 Disney allied with Pixar Animation - absorbed by the company in 2006 to make the first fully computer-generated film: Toy Story. As a consequence, Walt Disney Company became a media group with global influence. His current CEO is Robert Iger.
Disney productions show conservative social stereotypes that influence to the general public. Disney products have always promoted a traditional family structure: a picture of the insecure woman, housewife, feminine and submissive to a man, father or husband. It has also inculcated beauty as something necessary to achieve happiness.
However, this image has been changing in the course of the time. Although the conservative ideal of the company stills existing, it has created new women’s roles according to the modern life. In spite of the important changes, Disney’s products still rewarding the ideal of beauty and unconditional love is shown as the ultimate goal.
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Being in the competitive market of the entertaining industry, Disney has approached the horizontal integration strategy to gain much more space in this market. The best example of how Disney has expanded by this way of growth is watching its many movie studios adquisitions. Currently, Walt Disney Studios owns Marvel Enterteinmet and LucasFilm. Marvel, is the house of the most economically prolific superheros, whereas LucasFilm is the owner of the famous saga Star Wars. With these purchases, Disney has doubled its presence in the film markets, at the same time that ot has eliminated the competence, by making it its own. Through this horizontal integration approach, Disney has been able to access to new markets and expand its ediatic

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