Walt Disney Corporation Case Study

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Introduction Multinaltional corporations is an organization that doing business activities and operating in two or more countries. In the next explaination, multinational corprorations will be called as MNCs. Home country is where the MNCs is coming from. Host country is a country where the MNCs operates outside the country where it is based. Walt Disney is a MNCs as an american diversified in the movement of international family entertainment and media enterprise with five business segment, which are: media network, parks and resorts, studio entertainment, consumer product and interactive media. The headquarter is in Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California, established on October 16, 2013 by Walt Disney. Walt Disney nowadays turn out…show more content…
Walt Disney exists since it is one of the creative and innovative inventions in the field of media entertainment. Disney introduces motion pictures, famous as a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of Disneyland. Walt Disney Co has young, eager staff of animation professional emerged, cartoonist apprentices who wanted more than anything to continue the Disney traditions of art and entertainment. Many were scoffed at for choosing this career, common wisdom deemed that they were entering a dying business. Walt Disney Co reported higher quarterly profit that beat Wall Street forecast as cable networks including ESPN brough in higher advertising revenue and collected more fees from pay TV distributors.…show more content…
He trains his entire staff helped him to obtain the quality and consistency needed to take the company to the next level, so that Disney can compete in international scale. The fall The studio’s output had indeed suffered since Walt’s death. Films like Fox and the Hound were “soft” and paled in comparison to the early classics. Dismal failure. The company had a number of business failures, he even had a bankcrupty. One of the failures came from the cartoonists that had no real talent. So the falling is also possibility to all MNCs, it is just how they face and solve after prevent it. They also has to take the lowest risk in pursuing the largest profit. Walt had issues with rights of characters he made. He lost the character (Oswald, the lucky rabbit) due to disagreements over compensation. Walt then set out to create a new character and protect his trademarks/property more throughly, it is as one solution how to prevent the company from the failure. One of best ways applied by Disney is that keep growing through more acquisition in order to enhance and capabilities of its core animation, skills and

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