Walt Disney: Disney, A White Supremacist

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Walt Disney was called a racist, especially a white supremacist. The definition of “racist” is “a person who believes in racism, the doctrine thatone 's own racial group is superior or that aparticular racial group is inferior to the others.” (“Racist | Define Racist at Dictionary.com”) Walt Disney was an American, born in 1901 and he is known as “a pioneer of cartoon films and as the creator of Disneyland.” (“Walt Disney - Producer, Entrepreneur”) However, it is generally agreed today that Disneyland is dreamland for everyone, who are young or old, men or women and black or white. In Disneyland, there are no discrimination. The reasons he was called a racist result in his background, his production and his management of Company. On the other hand, it can be said it is because of the time. This essay reveal that he was not a racist offering counterargument for these three reasons. The first reason is the environment when he grew up. As it was mentioned before, he was born in farmer 's house in 1901 in Chicago and he moved to Marceline, Missouri and Kansas city in ten years. When he was born, at the beginning of 20th century, huge number of African Americans moved from the rural South to cities in the North and mid-Atlantic (Meyer) There were many Black people and also discrimination for Black people around him. The first ten years of life is the most affected environment around the child and the child absorb many thing during these ages. So Walt also affected

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