Walt Disney Employee Management Theory

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The first theory which is applied by Walt Disney Company is employee engagement. Walt Disney Company is a big company which is contained more than 60,000 workers and it is named as the happiest place on earth. Disney always focuses on people and creates a happy condition for their employees and makes them to be loyalty of the company. To achieve the high engagement of employees, they recruit and train the employees, build enthusiasm through communication and always put people as first. Walt Disney has a well-being employee engagement as there are some examples show that the employees are work hard in their work. Kurlin who is one of the cast members picks up a thrown coffee cup on floor while he is walking through the Magic Kingdom’s front…show more content…
In Walt Disney, there is a ‘Spirit of FRED’ award which is one of the 180 recognition programs and the meaning of FRED is friendly, resourceful, enthusiastic and dependable. Through this program, Walt Disney makes the employees have morale to achieve and gain, and it can emphasize the attitudes of the employees and helping them to create a feel of belonging. Moreover, Walt Disney maintain the regulations to keep its employees with the right attitudes which might reinforce the job requirement to full fill the standard of high performance company. Besides, in order to evaluate the employees, it offers the guidelines to the company’s managers to oversee their performance. Furthermore, Walt Disney also provides complimentary theme park admissions for employees, giving them a chance to buy stock, personal assistant network, awards for services and the scholarship programs which provide to the children of the cast members and chosen…show more content…
In hiring, Walt Disney gives the opportunity to all the people who are interested in this job, so it hire people without regard any religion, gender, race, sex, colour and others. In training, it offers the program participants with extensive training opportunities though the “Disney University” as it can surely about that training can make the program participants to improve their knowledge and skills. Besides, it also provides a compliance training which is included Business Standards and Ethics Training. Through this training, it can ensure that all the employees and cast members have some knowledge to act ethically. Furthermore, Walt Disney Company provides all the employees a total rewards package which can help them to have a better life and grow professionally. The total rewards package is included 6 categories which are let the employees understand their pay, providing them good health benefits, giving them opportunities to upgrade themselves likes learning training, offering them a time off, providing them financial benefits and some extra special benefits like employee discounts. Not only that, Walt Disney Company rewards its employees regarding their performance and hard work. According to the employees’ good results, it indicates that there is a positive effect in Disney Walt Company as the employees

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