Walt Disney: It's Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible

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“ It’s Kind Of Fun To Do The Impossible.” This was one of Walt Disney’s most famous quotes because this encourages people to do things that seem impossible even though they are not. Walt Disney was one of the most famous people who left giant legacies, Did you know that Walt Disney World is about 27,258 acres.One of the most important people of Leadership and Legacy was Walt Disney. Walt Disney was one of those people because he proved that everyone can make their dreams come true . He did that by creating a place where everyone can experience a fairy tale, he created different creations that everyone enjoys and , he left an important legacy which was making some of the most famous cartoons and theme parks.

One of Walt Disney’s legacies was
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Walt Disney’s was the first person to make the first full length sound movie using “Technicolor’’ ,and that movie was “ Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs” . Walt Disney made a big hit with that movie and that was when his studio became even more famous than it was. Walt’s movie made more than 8 billion dollars since the release date , the equivalent to 134,033,100 billion dollars. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs won 8 oscars . Walt Disney later created other full length movies like Pinocchio, Dumbo , Bambi , Etc. Walt Disney became well known after his movie came out. After Walt made his movie , Walt Disney and his brother Roy made their company bigger. Walt Disney was one of the most famous people because he made some of the most extraordinary movies…show more content…
When Walt was in Kansas City, he took his daughters to the local amusement park . Walt noticed that the park wasn't really clean and that not everyone was having fun. Walt got an idea of making a park that was cleaner and that everyone enjoyed . That idea was later named Disneyland . It took Disney 1 year and a half just to construct Disneyland. Later after Disneyland was done what Disney decided to construct another amusement park in the center of Florida state. That project was called "The Disney project". It took Disney more than 2 years to plan this new amusement park . Later after the planning was done, Disney and his workers started to construct the park , but unfortunately Walt Disney died of lung cancer and wasn't able to see the how his plan came out . Disney left a huge legacy by making some of the cleanest and the most visited amusement parks

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