All Our Dreams Come True Essay

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” This is a quote from the famous Walt Disney. My dreams definitely came true the years of 2010 and 2013. In 2010 I went to Orlando, Florida for the first time in my entire life. It was also my very first time riding in an airplane. I went to Disney World with my parents and my two siblings. I went to Disney World, again, in 2013. It once again did not disappoint. If I could go to Disney World every year, I definitely would go in a heartbeat. Disney World was important to me because I was with my family, I tried a lot of new things there, and I learned to be patient. “We’re going to Disney World!” My parents said this to my brother, my sister, and I on Christmas morning the year of 2009. The way they asked us was by us opening a present. That present was a Mickey Mouse ornament. We were all very confused with what was happening. Until my parents told us we were going to Disney World. We had to wait a little over a month before we left for Orlando. The day we were leaving for Florida we drove to Omaha to the airport. Once we got on our plane, there ended up being a two hour delay. This was my first time on a plane, so I wasn’t very comfortable with all of it. Finally, the plane started taking off. My mom gave my brother…show more content…
So the first day we went to Magic Kingdom, the second day we went to Epcot, the third day we went to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, the fourth day we went to Downtown Disney, and the last day we didn’t do much since we had to leave that day. There were just so many things to do at Disney World. We saw a light parade, in the dark, while it was raining the first full day we were there. Another day we were there, we went to a Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios. Fantasmic was this play thing where all of the Disney characters acted out a really interesting skit. Another thing my family and I did at Disney World was eat… a
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