Walt Disney Social Responsibility Case Study

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In today’s society Corporate Social Responsibility and issues related to social responsibility and sustainability are becoming more and more important, especially in the business sector. Corporate Social Responsibility can be explained as a corporate initiative to take responsibility towards the community for the company’s effects on social welfare and the environment.
Nowadays, the increasing globalization puts a lot of pressure on companies and also creates fierce competition between large corporations. Due to this competition companies often choose for less expensive options, even if these choices involve unethical treatment of people in order to still make profit and to strengthen their companies’ position on the global market. For example, saving costs by outsourcing the manufacturing of their products to a third world country and letting hundreds of children work there under unethical poor conditions. Corporate Social Responsibility is often seen as the more difficult and costly way for companies, while it is important today with the emerging problem of global warming, increasing pollution, still existing child labour, poor working conditions, the logging of rainforests etc. that companies take responsibility for their actions. Since some corporations are becoming even more powerful than the government (Garriga & Melé, 2004) they should contribute in making the world a better place not only for themselves, but for everyone.
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