Walt Disney Studios Case Summary

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In this case I am the attorney for Walt Disney Studios and we have filed a lawsuit against Professor Faden for copyright infringement. This is because when he made his video he used our content without our permission and used an excessive amount. It is not fair for him to use our content because it cost us millions to make and produce those movies and he is using it for free. Also it took us a lot of time and effort to create the characters and the story behind each character. Editing and writing is a timely consuming thing which is even more money we have put into our content that Professor Faden is using for free. In the four factors that a judge considers he or she considers the amount of content used.…show more content…
Professor Faden is the wrong we have proved multiple times. It is just like the case of Rogers VS. Koons. In that case photographer Art Rodgers took a photo of a couple and he owns the copyright for it. And artist Jeff Koons made an exact replica of the image into statues. The artist Jeff Koons is in the wrong because it isn’t his image to use and he was using the statues to grow in the art world. Also the artist Jeff Koons made several of the statues and sold them for a huge profit without once asking permission or giving credit to Art rodgers. The case ended in koons having to pay a settlement to artist Art Rodgers. This case also relates to the case of Cariou vs. Prince. In that case a picture was taken by Patrick Cariou and artist Richard Prince used the exact photo for his artwork and just added a few things to it. That is exactly what Professor Faden has done in this situation and it is copyright infringement. In the case Cariou vs. Prince there was not enough significant change so it was copyright infringement so how is this case any different from
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