Walt Disney Sweatshop Case Study

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The creator of this magic kingdom is no man but a mouse, Mickey Mouse.
The Walt Disney Company formally began in 1923 as a partnership, consisting of Walt Disney and his brother Roy Disney under the name Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio. Roy then suggested that the company just be called Walt Disney Studios, and his brother agreed. The Walt Disney Company is now a publicly traded corporation owned by its shareholders. Disney’s vision is to be the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment. Their mission is to develop the most creative, interesting, innovative and profitable experience’s in the world.
In the early 2000’s Disney was accused of Sweatshop employment:
In mid-December 2000, CBC Marketplace received reports from Human Rights activists showing that
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Disneys unethical behaviour with regards to its sweatshops, affects all three environments the micro, market and the macro environment even though sweatshops are absolutely unethical it impacts Disney in both negative and positive ways, the micro because in the micro environment they employees are incredibly unhappy which will decrease production levels, it will affect the market environment because they are getting their products produced at such a low price they will be making more of a profit than other companies and will have more of a monopoly of the customers because they can still decrease their toy prices and still make a massive profit. It could also negatively impact Disney because when other companies worldwide find out about Disneys multiple sweatshops they may pull out of working with them to avoid getting associated with what they do, therefore Disney will lose relationships with suppliers and other companies. It would have a negative impact on the macro environment because people would stop coming to Disney land and supporting and buying the toys and products they produce which will have a heavy impact on Disney as a whole, it will cause them to lose customers and a huge
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