Compare And Contrast Walt Disney And The American Dream

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There are people with a talent and there are people who what to use this talent and there Aren't. People want to use this bream because it is there life dream, that dream was the American dream. In the nineteen hundreds a lot of people were after this dream and many people believed in this dream. There are people who wanted to use this for art and for their dream job. What is art, art is a way of describing a person on where who their draw, cause some draw black it means they are angry. Walt Disney was a man of art of cartoons and a man of wanting his dream to come true so he started to do thing in his early life and Disney land and Mickey mouse and his early cartoons, Walt had commercial success.…show more content…
Disney was so happy cause his brother got him a job in the pesmen Rubin art studio when Walt met cartoonist Ub Lwwerks. From that moment Walt worked at Kansas City film AD company where Walt made commercials on cartoons. At this time Walt Disney stared to experience with a camera and to make had draw cartoons to start his own animation business, Walt decided through this time. Walt Disney he recruited Fred Harman to as his first employee. Walt and Fred made a deal and that deal was with the local Kansas city theater that theater was call Laugh O Grams. There cartoon were freaking amazing and it was hugely popular, so Walt could have his own studio which was the same level as the Laugh O Grams. There studio that means that Walt and Fred had series of seven minute fairy tales the vas like both live action and animation which was called Alice in the cartoonland. At 1923 the studio was burdened with debt and that forced Disney to declare…show more content…
They were one of the most popular cartoons, flower and trees was the first to be produced in color and to win an Oscar. At 1933, the was it the three little pigs and it had a title song that was "who's afraid of the big bad wolf?'' It became the theme of the country in the midst of the great depletion. All of that was super wonderful and it is success. December 21, 1937, there Walt created a Snow White and the seven dwarf and that was the first full length film. That move was premiered in los angles, California and Hollywood belongs there. This film produced an unimaginable $1.499 million and won total of 8 Oscars. The year after Walt Disney studio did some more full length movies such as Pinocchio, fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. In December 1939, two years later the studio opened a new campus in
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