A Summary Of Walt Disney's Success

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And then he looked at the castle, he saw the magnificent castle, the one he's dreamed about, seen pictures of and believed in for years. Then he looked up at the sky and saw Tinkerbell flying across to the castle, her home. There were fireworks exploding bam bam bam, all the colors filling the sky. This unbelievable place was somehow not a dream but a reality. The little boy clenched his Mickey Mouse stuffed animal looking at it, looking up, and realizing that all of his dreams were coming true. Realizing that dreaming is the key to pure happiness in life. All of this was made possible by one man, Walt Disney, who had the same rising dreams and passion. As Walt Disney once said All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them...…show more content…
She stole rights to Oswald, one of Disney's iconic characters at the time. As well as stealing the character, she also took away Disney's animators which played a big role in Disney's success at the time. Walt created and released three new characters to keep their business moving. One of those characters was the beloved Mickey Mouse. Sometimes the worst events can have the greatest outcomes and that was true in Disney's case. In a biography written about Disney's life, his inspiration for Mickey Mouse came from a memory. When he was young he caught a field mouse and made a leash for it. He brought it to class and there were many screams. He immediately got in trouble but he would never forget the bright personality of the mouse later to have the name of Mickey. Mickey Mouse was a huge success winning Disney 22 Academy Awards in his lifetime. Disney lived deliberately to pursue his dreams. He founded many theme parks, but his most popular being Disney World. His drive and spirit continue to live on in kids all around the world. Disney has inspired many to never stop dreaming and to never let go of their wild
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